Vision 2050

Innovaris has developed it's vision for 2050

Innovaris Advisory Group is a born-global research and advisory organization with the sole mission to forward the sustainability agenda and support new technologies that have a high impact on society. We envision a completely different society by 2050 and beyond where the political, societal, technological, environmental and economic aspects of every-day life will be much different from what we know today. We humbly share our vision to all our global peers, clients and communities.

Our Vision

o We aspire to be a renowned global sustainability advisory powerhouse, distinguished by our approach and track record.
o We will be a global and distributed organization, active in Asia, Africa, Europe and LATAM, at least triple in size by 2050.
o We will be the best choice in providing outcomes for our clients and local communities, always putting the greater cause first.
We are a dynamic organization that always has the future in mind. Thus, we investigate and apply the latest technologies out there to ameliorate our approach and effectiveness when working with clients, be that non-profits, startups or governments. At Innovaris you feel at home in a dynamic environment and understand that change is a constant factor today. In doing so, you also realize that looking out for the day of tomorrow is more important than ever. Complex problems require intelligent, flexible and above all, practical solutions. We will therefore offer specific outcomes by combining our industrial, technical and operational knowledge, always aiming to make a positive impact on the overall sustainable development of planet Earth and beyond. We look for people with leadership potential, integrity, analytical thinking, creativity, vision and passion for innovation as it's these qualities that will propel our organization into the far future and realize our vision.

July, 2016