At Innovaris we are committed to creating new knowledge and disseminating this. As a means to do so, we conduct year-round scientific research on sector development, new business methods, technologies, and sustainability. Below you will find the results on the latest studies we have conducted as a means to foster change. We will also showcase several interesting tools soon.


Based on research conducted, we are continuously building new methods and knowledge for helping organizations develop as well as commercialize truly innovative technologies. In doing so, we have published the following reports:

Sustainability? A Snapshot of the Caribbean Hotel Industry
May 2017
25 pages
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We are currently conducting research for a soon to be published study on Disruptive Innovation within the Energy Sector. We are also about to start the research for a study on the impact of new technologies (e.g. fintech, clean-tech etc.) on our global economic model. For future updates on these, feel free to sign up for our newsletter below.

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Sustainability Benchmarking

Knowing whether your organization is improving its sustainability or not requires measurement, analysis and monitoring. Similar to how we tend to monitor financial performance through various result and performance indicators it is also becoming increasingly imperative to monitor sustainability performance within an industry or sector. Customers are becoming more aware of the impact that companies’ operations have on the environment and their local communities. In a world of financial inequality, environmental disasters, waste and degradation, it is a must for organizations that intend to be socially responsible to monitor their performance frequently as a means to improve this.

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The Innovaris Insights Programme has been designed to assist organizations in monitoring their sustainability performance over a period of time. Our Innovaris Sustainability Insights (ISI) Report offers organizations clear and actionable insights into key performance areas as well as benchmarks from other organizations within the same industry and sector.