What we do

The business landscape of the future is far different than anything most of us can imagine. Although embarking on business endeavours can be quite enticing, especially if new technology is involved, the voyage can be riddled with bumps in the road along with setbacks. This is where Innovaris steps in to support you in solving issues that impede your firm from getting the best out of your value proposition.

Data solutions

Peering into data and gaining valuable insights.

We source data for every project and apply suitable analytics. We use a range of analysis tools that allow us to gain insights and apply an iterative process of data sourcing, analysis and insight generation. This allows us to refine our results which form the basis for determining solutions and strategies.

We tend to use a combination of primary and secondary data for research projects. We also peer into data to determine new insights and research individual data points based on your specific needs. Learn more.

Strategy design

Formulating strategies for achieving desired outcomes.

We formulate strategies to achieve desired outcomes by looking at insights gained during the data analysis phase. This is done by extracting key information which allows us to establish pathways that lead to the effective usage of the client's resources for achieving their desired outcome.

Strategies are not set in stone and can always change during execution or reveal of new data which is why we factor in a process for iteration. This ensures a more dynamic approach to strategy design.

Novel research

Researching new areas to develop knowledge.

Conducting research is what we do. Our projects relate to sustainability and deep tech for innovation diffusion. We look at all new fields along with markets and research subjects of high-impact to society whose results are published.

We also conduct research on a national level whereas needed which is of use to both the private and public sectors. Learn more.

Complete analytics

Analysis covering the whole spectrum of the problem.

We conduct analysis based on the scope of the research problem and formulate strategies for solving it. We then aim to provide outcomes for our clients and thus analyse the effectiveness of our solutions and are rewarded based on this.

Doing so allows clients to mitigate costs and achieve the desired outcome whilst we develop our skills and knowledge in the field.

A Range of Solutions

Technology Commercialization

With the advent of new scientific knowledge, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in technology development in the last decades. Technology has been advancing rapidly, partly due to improved ecosystems and increased funding for deep tech research and commercialization. As we find ourselves facing more challenging problems, it becomes important to have novel technologies that can help solve these. However, engineering genius alone is not enough. Without commercializing new technologies properly there’s a big chance that they will not reach the market as intended.

We assist venture teams in sourcing funding and focus on designing commercialization strategies and business models for getting new technologies into the hands of those who need it. This is done with efficiency and effectiveness in mind, taking sustainability aspects into consideration. Research we conduct in this area supports us in generating new models for successful market entry and innovation diffusion which we apply when developing new strategies on behalf of clients.

Phase 1

Industry Assessment

Launching new technologies and products into the market requires deep understanding of market and sector dynamics in order to ensure Product-Market Fit. Conducting such research often requires the input of several team members and takes time to complete.

With our aggregated experience and state of the art tools, we conduct market and sector research on behalf of clients to provide key actionable insights and identify new market opportunities. We focus on getting a systemic understanding of markets, industries and sectors to deliver in-depth findings that allow teams to make critical decisions and implement new growth strategies.

Phase 2

Sustainability Performance

In a world of Automation, Blockchain and Circular Economy strategies, it is becoming increasingly important to measure performance as an organization and how it stands relative to others in the industry and/or sector. Increased regulation on environmental impact coupled with an increasing resource scarcity is challenging management teams to seek better methods for monitoring their operations, lowering their impact whilst improving their performance.

We delve deep into organizations, develop new systems to monitor operational performance and benchmark this against others. In doing so, we conduct organizational audits and analyses to generate insights that can be acted upon immediately. We also assist teams in developing new resource acquisition strategies and improving their sustainability performance through sustainability audits and redesigning value-chains.

Phase 3

Innovation Diffusion

Innovation management has become a key component for strategic competitive advantage in this day and age. Managing an intricate process such as innovation can prove to be very challenging for companies in their quest for improved performance. Changes in value-chains, procedures, resources and culture tend to be difficult to implement.

In light of this we apply a systemic approach and work closely with (experienced) teams to help them innovate better from the pre-idea stage to the post-commercialization stage. Our research focuses heavily on innovation diffusion which generates great knowledge for assisting other organizations innovate and achieve growth.

Phase 4

How We Work

Innovaris always aims to work with organizations that promote sustainable development by emphasizing results and outcomes. A key feature of our model is that we place emphasis on the outcomes we achieve for the clients that partner with us. These are predetermined objectives that we work on during the allotted time-frame. Furthermore, Innovaris always works in teams while embarking on new projects. This ensures diversification and balance which is important for group dynamics as well as project results. We work on projects in a range of sectors and industries, most notably the energy, retail, fashion, healthcare and deep tech. Most projects take up between 2 to 12 weeks for their completion and are usually carried out by a team of 5.

There is much flexibility as to how you work with us on projects. Whether it’s just data, a full-fledged research project or insight as to how to solve a problem, at Innovaris we are committed to getting the job done! In fact, our Global Efforts Programme assists startups free of charge to help diffuse new technologies.

For enquires or proposal requests, feel free to reach out.

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