Global Efforts Programme

Innovaris is a global power house in tech innovation research aiming to be a bridge between startups and communities that need solutions for global issues. As such we have devised a programme in which we assist startups in innovating quicker by reducing charges to a zero rate.

How it all works
We accept applications for our Global Efforts Programme throughout the whole year. To qualify, an organization needs be a startup (not older than 5 years) have a team of at least 2 members along with an innovative technology/solution related to sustainability. We have a maximum quota of applications we can accept during the year but always strive to do our best to help.

Free of fees
Developing a project within the Global Efforts Programme does not come with any costs for the client. We provide a pro-bono fee waiver as a means to assist the organization in developing results that will help get a step closer in meeting their objectives.

To submit an application please fill our form. With this programme, we hope to contribute towards the development of new technology that can help solve critical sustainability problems on the planet for a better future. For additional enquires or proposal requests, feel free to reach out.

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