17th August 2019

It’s 2050

A vision of a future that may come to be. The year is 2050, some things have gone well while others are still a challenge [...]
20th May 2017

Access to Funding

Do you know an angel that likes investing in sustainability? We are building a network of business angels that are looking for [...]
16th June 2016

Invention vs Innovation: The Case of Clean-Tech

When talking about innovation within the clean-tech industry one often emphasizes the need for innovative technologies and business models that can make a difference in the […]
24th May 2016

Innovation & Teams

What makes a team innovate better? As a young organization, focus is usually put on learning quickly from mistakes made in order to reach out to […]
22nd May 2016

Innovaris 2.0!

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. Since our humble beginnings 2 years ago we have confronted many challenges and have received […]