A few words about us

About us

Innovaris is a new kind of organization that supports entrepreneurs with innovative technologies through the input of young and dedicated professionals. We are set out to assist the new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators throughout the world. At Innovaris, we help organizations overcome modern challenges inherent to innovating, business modelling, new product development, and generating new options as a means to successfully reach people in line with our vision.

We are a global organization involved in research projects worldwide and provide business, sustainability and innovation advisory to customers in the public and private sectors. As such we are based in Europe as well and are currently growing our presence in Asia and LATAM. Our focus is on delivering maximum value and measurable outcomes for our clients. We do this by making use of our global pool of talent. We are a young and growing organization with passionate, experienced and hands-on people that have different educational and professional backgrounds, giving us a well-balanced team that is very flexible and equipped with state-of-the art knowledge. We all share the passion of looking for the next development that will transform our current thinking. By working together with our alliance partners, we have developed a global network that supports us.

You can approach us with questions related to the development of business ideas, conducting research, formulating business models, growing & internationalizing to mention a few.

Our approach

The business landscape of the future is far different than anything most of us can imagine. That's why we focus on delivering outcomes instead of suggested solutions only. Our process can be described as follows:

Sourcing Data & Conducting Analysis
We source data for every project and apply suitable analytics. We use a range of analysis tools which allow us to gain insights and apply an iterative process of data sourcing, analysis and insight generation.
Getting Insights & Formulating Strategies
We formulate strategies to achieve desired outcomes by looking at insights gained during the data analysis phase. This is done by extracting key information which allows us to establish pathways that lead to the effective usage of the client's resources for achieving their desired outcome.
Implementing Strategies for Desired Outcomes
We conduct analysis based on the scope of the research problem and formulate strategies for solving it. We then aim to provide outcomes for our clients and thus analyse the effectiveness of our solutions and are rewarded based on this.