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24th May 2016
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20th May 2017
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Invention vs Innovation: The Case of Clean-Tech

When talking about innovation within the clean-tech industry one often emphasizes the need for innovative technologies and business models that can make a difference in the energy sector. However, as research will show, it is not a supply of new technologies that’s the main concern but rather innovating, i.e., bringing these new technologies out to the market.


What about innovation then? The innovative process of any team can be different but most of them end up bumping into the similar problems. For instance, adoption by larger segments of the market. As renewable energies are consistently becoming less expensive to produce one can see a larger adoption rate, however our energy infrastructure still revolves around oil. As a result, startups need to innovate not only with regards to their value proposition but also their business model as a whole. This is when we shift the discussion to more disruptive business models. The latter, may also influence the likeliness of raising funding which is an area Innovaris is currently looking into.

Image: luckyrobot